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What is Booky Call?

Booky Call is the fastest growing book discovery app in the world. Our platform is cleverly disguised as a dating app. By combining the psychology and functionality of dating apps with a creative book review in the form of a "humanized" dating profile, we help readers discover and engage with books in a revolutionary new way.

Why do I want my book in the Booky Call curated library?

Since launching on Sept 30th, 2021, we have seen 250K people download our app in over 200 countries and territories around the world. More than 40K active monthly users are adding up to 5K books to their to-be-read lists every day. Our users are clicking to purchase 5-10K books (physical, digital and audio) each month. With only a few thousand books in our library, your book is 3500X more likely to be matched to a targeted reader than Amazon's algorithm. Once your book is accepted into our library, we will match it with potential readers every day for six months. We will match your book with your specific targeted audience, literally tens of thousands of readers asking for books like yours, for only $199.


What kind of data will I receive?

Oh you want data? We've got you.


We will provide quarterly data for total matches, right swipes, left swipes, browses and clicks to purchase (physical, digital and audio).

For $199?! Yes. We believe in full transparency.  


How do I get my book in the Booky Call curated library?

Whether you are a major publisher, hybrid publisher or self-published author, there is a place for you in the Booky Call library. Self-published authors can click HERE to submit their book for possible inclusion in the app. We currently do not accept children's books, cookbooks or travelogues. If you are a publisher and want to place books in bulk in our library, you can click HERE to set up a time to discuss what your current needs are.

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